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wisdom counselling best psychologist in pune
wisdom counselling best psychologist in pune


Giving You The Best Results

If you are on your device searching for clinical psychologist near me, best psychologist near me, psychologist near me, counsellor near me, best counsellors near me or good counsellors near me, you have reached the right page indeed. 

Our mission is to provide a safe space for healing and growth by using evidence based strategies to help individuals flourish and reach their potential. 
Our Vision is to build a community of empowered and resilient individuals capable of evolving and thriving, under the guidance of best psychologist in pune.

What services do we provide?

Therapy Sessions


  • Collaborate with your therapist and increase understanding of thoughts and behaviours to help improve functionality.

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Marriage Counselling
  • Improve your relationship with your partner

  • Understand patterns of communication and love languages that work for you and your partner




  • Help your child mange their anger outbursts and tantrums

  • Assist your child to focus and concentrate and thereby improve their academic achievement


  • Learn ways to help your child become more responsible

  • Empower your child to make healthy decisions and choices


Assessment & Diagnosis
  • Our team of qualified professionals measures your skills, knowledge, abilities, personality traits, attitudes, and job/academic potential.

The Approach
What approach do we use?
How to effectively empower yourself

We offer counselling, guidance, therapy and treatment for Stress, Depression, Burnout, Anxiety and a range of Mental Health issues like Schizophrenia, Substance Use Disorders, Mood and Personality Disorders. 

Our goal at Wisdom Counselling is to empower children and adults to overcome barriers to healing, growth and learning. We understand that just as one shoe doesn’t fit all, one technique or therapeutic modality doesn’t work for all. Hence depending on the needs of our clients, we employ an eclectic approach to facilitate change, ensuring holistic development. Your assigned Transformation Coach will focus on Skills Building and Behaviour Modification based on your desired Goals.


We are a team of the best psychologists in Pune providing tailor made therapy plans.

Using arts based modalities, cognitive - behavioural techniques, person centred approaches and mindfulness based practices, we assist clients transform themselves and live richer and fuller lives.


Giving you the best results.

Hiking Friends

When should you consider therapy?

  • If you feel that you have been struggling lately in most areas of your life

  • If you have been feeling stressed, anxious or depressed on most days

  • If you have recently experienced a loss

  • If you feel lost, confused or unsure about something

  • If you are consistently having trouble in your relationships with others

  • If you feel you are not good enough

  • If you feel frustrated, irritated or lose your temper frequently

  • If you want to live a richer, fuller and a more meaningful life


Take the first step and begin your journey towards healing with the best psychotherapist in Pune.

What to expect in your therapy sessions?

Therapy is a process which takes commitment and willingness to explore painful experiences and at the same time learn new skills/ways of responding. Therapy requires time, investment and cooperation from you.


Going to therapy for the first time can stir up a lot of anxiety. This is completely normal. During the first session your therapist will attempt to know you better. They will make detailed inquiries about the different areas of your life and the challenges you are facing.


The duration of a therapy session is 50 minutes. The frequency of sessions depends on each individual client’s needs and level of distress.


The information you share is completely confidential. Confidentiality may be broken if there is any danger to yourself or any one else. 


As therapy progresses you and your therapist will develop goals based on your specific needs and what you want to achieve through the therapeutic process. These goals may include skill development, regulating emotions, developing a balanced view of self, learning communication skills and so on.


You and your therapist will work together to process and make sense of the problems or challenges you face, learn new coping strategies, manage difficult emotions and develop healthier interpersonal skills.

Getting Help

We strongly believe that we all experience problems, pain and suffering, just like we all experience happiness, joy and peace. True healing lies in learning how to deal with the rhythms of life effectively!


Learn how to become the best version of yourself with The Best Psychologists In Pune.

Take the First Step




Self Esteem




Anger Management



If you want a well trained neutral non judgmental third person to talk to in a nice environment, this is the place. Fun and safe space! In house treatment is also available for the ones in need! Happy recovery!
They understand each individual and their problems by carefully listening to them. Their approach to solve the issues is based on the client sharing their thoughts. The counsellor makes you feel at ease and helps you to come up with appropriate solutions.
The counsellors have well designed exercises to cater to different types of clients and they devote their complete attention towards making you succeed and be more confident. 

RN, Age 24

SB, Age 43

RP, Guardian of SP, Age 12

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